How to Own a Lead Generation Software Under $500?

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(For Agency Owners, Solopreneurs, and Business Developers)

What do you need foremost to own a lead generation software? Of course, huge amount of capital! Capital to build a software, test and customize it to match your customer’s needs.

But what if you could own a lead generation software under $500?

No, we aren’t joking! Today, we’ll reveal the secret sauce of getting your own lead generation software with minimum investment.

Ready to open the key to this mystery? Let’s do it!

First, let’s brief about the advantages of a lead generation software.

Advantages of Lead Generation Software

Do you know....

21 % of a B2B Sales Representative time is consumed in doing lead research.

That rounds up to one full work day per week, one work week each month, and 2.5 months per year.

Ouch!!! Is it worth spending so much?

Plainly no! So, how do you cut down the time spent in researching leads?

Answer is the lead generation software. It helps you…

  • Identify new prospects
  • Find leads and keep their accurate contact details
  • Helps you track the performance of your outreach campaigns
  • Helps you pinpoint the focus areas for your efforts
  • Can provide opportunity for CRM integration

Now comes the real piece…..

How to Own a Lead Generation Software- Secret Revealed


The simple formula to own a lead generation software with minimum investment is White Label Marketing.

White Label Marketing is rebranding, repricing, and reselling a software developed by another company as your own. It gives you an opportunity to increase your business revenue by offering a lead generation solution to your customers without spending time and money on its development. Know more about white label marketing here.

Though there are numerous white label software to partner with, here, in this post, we’ll specifically talk about White Label LinkedIn lead generation.

You might be curious to know, ‘Why LinkedIn Lead Generation?”

So, let’s answer this!

Benefits of LinkedIn Lead Generation

  • High-quality leads from LinkedIn have helped 45% marketers with customer acquisition
  • LinkedIn accounts for 80% B2B leads and generates leads 277% more effectively compared to other social media platforms
  • LinkedIn has better social selling index score with cost-effective marketing and better ROI, as you can send customized messages to your audience.

But, isn’t LinkedIn lead generation time consuming albeit its benefits?

That’s where LinkedIn automation comes into the picture.

So, white labelling with LinkedIn lead generation software will help you own the software under $500.

And Linkedojet is the first name that comes to my mind!

Why to Choose Linkedojet for White Label Marketing?

The reasons are plenty. Let’s enlist them one-by-one.

  1. Linkedojet is trusted by various professionals like business developers, B2B marketers, recruiters, and start-up founders for quick and easy lead generation on LinkedIn.
  2. The white label dashboard of Linkedojet has been built after the feedback of over 20 digital marketing agencies.
  3. It’s white label software comes with one-time set-up cost below $500, customized services, lifetime support, and integration with third-party tools of your choice.
  4. By using Linkedojet, you can set up drip campaigns within minutes to send connect request and messages to your leads, and analyze the performance of your marketing campaigns on the same dashboard. Your customers will be able to do the same from your white label dashboard.
  5. Linkedojet takes the complete responsibility to maintain your White Label dashboard.


So, what more can you ask for? I have revealed the little-known secret to own a lead generation software under $500. And it’s easy to get started too.

Just sign-up for our White Label Program here.

How to Own a Lead Generation Software Under $500?

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