Checklist of Linkedojet Features

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1. Integration with Hyperise to Send Personalized Messages

Get more conversions on your outreach campaigns on LinkedIn by creating and sending customized GIFs along with the outreach message.

Integration of Linkedojet with Hyperise allows you to automate and personalize your LinkedIn outreach messages beyond the tags of name, job title, and company name, thus, giving the necessary boost to your conversions from LinkedIn marketing.

The process is as follows:



  • Very useful feature to hyper-personalize your message in LinkedIn outreach campaign and stand out from the crowd
  • Sending customized GIFs triggers the acceptance and desired responses from your prospects on LinkedIn
  • Especially useful in drawing attention towards your business and connecting with C-level executives on LinkedIn

2. Sending Messages to Group Members by Applying Filters on Sales Navigator

Overcome the weekly connection limit on LinkedIn by sending messages to the members of LinkedIn groups.

Linkedojet scans the LinkedIn profiles on your Sales Navigator account and filters out the relevant group members. Then, you can automate sending personalized connect invites to those members and build your sales pipeline. Follow the process below:



  • This feature helps you build relationships with like-minded people without disrupting the weekly connection limit on LinkedIn
  • It gives you an additional edge over your prospect building activity
  • It guarantees a better response rate due to accurate prospect targeting

3. Implementation of Artificial Intelligence to identify Reply as Positive/Negative/Neutral/Inquiry and Continue Campaigning with Neutral Reply

Smartly and automatically categorize the replies you receive in your LinkedIn Inbox as positive/negative/neutral/inquiry with the smart AI feature of Linkedojet.

Based on a few keywords, this AI feature detects the type of response received in lieu of your outreach campaign on LinkedIn and tag them as positive, negative, neutral or inquiry, thus, saving you hours in LinkedIn Inbox management.

You can further continue your campaigning activity within the Linkedojet dashboard to positive and neutral replies.



  • It removes the hassle of manually segregating the replies in your LinkedIn Inbox and saves time
  • Helps keep your LinkedIn campaign activities organized as you can send and view replies from a single dashboard
  • Boosts your concentration and productivity by helping you focus on relevant responses and ignore the irrelevant ones

4. Add new follow-up message to connect or messaging campaign

Automate the process of sending a follow-up message to your prospects who don’t reply to the connect or welcome messages sent earlier.

You can set up the follow-up message content while creating your connect or messaging campaign on Linkedojet dashboard. The follow-up message will go 2 days after the welcome message.



  • Following up with your prospect even if they don’t reply reminds them of your product proposal and can help you close a big deal
  • It can be used to convince your prospect to switch from the competitor’s solution to yours

5. Extract feature with deep filtering of leads

Extract all the necessary details of your prospects with a single click, like contact information, job experience, location, education, and skill sets. Download the extracted information in an Excel file and target these leads with your drip campaigns.

You can further add a layer of custom filters on Linkedojet dashboard which are not available on LinkedIn, like age group, gender, etc.



  • Use this feature to have in-depth information about your prospects and target them with a personalized message on LinkedIn
  • The extracted data of leads can be directly integrated into your CRM to run effective and personalized email campaigns.
  • B2B companies use this feature to build a relationship with their prospects and make their lead generation process quicker and effective.
  • Recruiters use this feature to build a repository of candidates to target when they have relevant positions. 

6. Integration with 3rd party apps, API based CRM systems, Zapier and data enrichment softwares

Linkedojet is integrated with numerous API based data enrichment software and CRM tools like Zoho, Lusha, Clearbit, etc. to enrich your leads list.

You can further ask for integration with other 3rd party apps or CRM tools of your choice as per your business requirements.



  • Quickly add features and tools to your business processes without increased cost and time
  • API integrations automate various tasks to ensure smooth and continuous communication between various applications and enhance productivity

Checklist of Linkedojet Features

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