How to Get More Leads with LinkedIn Automation Tools?

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Let’s be honest: The world of LinkedIn outreach or marketing can feel like a Wild Wild West.

LinkedIn is the go-to platform for all B2B marketing and has an array of analytics and marketing tools, yet it often feels overwhelming.

The reason is obvious. With over 600 million users, it gets tiresome and confusing how to approach and engage with your target audience.

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Well, that’s where LinkedIn automation tools step in.

So, let’s dive in to learn more about them!

What is LinkedIn automation?

As the name suggests, LinkedIn automation involves the use of software to automate sending connection invites, messages, view profiles, and following certain pages on LinkedIn.

This is usually achieved by using third-party automation tools.

Who can use a LinkedIn automation tool and why to use it?

Anyone with a profile on LinkedIn can use the LinkedIn automation tool. However, it’s more beneficial for marketers and salespeople.

Consider this!

About 650 million people use LinkedIn. A simple LinkedIn search for “CEO in California” generates over 600,000 results. Now, do you have the time to sift through that many profiles and figure out those worth engaging?


Even if you rule out one-third of these profiles, you still have 200,000 potential people to contact.

That’s where a LinkedIn automation tool will be your saviour to connect with the right audience faster and efficiently. You can whittle down those leads into a usable list of contacts and engage with them.

But the question arises……

LinkedIn doesn’t allow users to use bots and other automated methods to access the services, add or download contacts, send or redirect messages.

However, it’s completely safe to use a LinkedIn automation tool that clones LinkedIn activity like a human and runs the LinkedIn outreach campaign from a dedicated IP address.

That brings us to the discussion of the best strategies or the best ways to use LinkedIn automation tools so you can gain maximum worth out of them.

How to Get More Leads with LinkedIn Automation Tools?

1. Choose a LinkedIn Automation tool that runs on Cloud

In simple terms, that means that a Cloud platform will access your LinkedIn account and automate the LinkedIn activities rather than running from a standard browser.

This gives you an advantage to run your LinkedIn outreach campaigns without depending on your device or internet connection.


Other benefits of using a cloud-based software are:

  • Cost saving on physical hardware investments
  • Lifetime access to the updates of the software wasting no time and money on installations
  • Deploying your service faster in fewer clicks
  • Easy access at remote locations
  • Advanced online security

2. Don’t exceed the LinkedIn limit

Though a LinkedIn automation tool allows you to send bulk invites/messages in fewer time spans, it’s always recommended to respect the LinkedIn limit.

Don’t go overboard in sending connection invites or messages to your prospects, even when using LinkedIn automation tools.

3. Run a drip campaign for LinkedIn outreach and marketing

Drip campaign or drip marketing is a kind of marketing communication divided into bits and spread across an extended period, to gently nudge your prospect to take an action instead of selling directly.


To be more clear, in drip marketing, you don’t sell in the first interaction with your prospect, not even in the second.

Instead, you track your prospect’s behaviour, send them bits of content they’ll find interesting and valuable, and sell only when they are perfectly ready to buy, based on their actions.

Why drip campaigns help you generate more leads?

  • It takes into consideration the unique likes, opinions, and preferences of each lead.
  • It is based on user behaviour.
  • It engages the leads in a highly personalized manner
  • It is a pre-defined, pre-written chain of messages that are sent or triggered based on a particular action from the lead.

4. Analyze LinkedIn marketing campaign

Your LinkedIn outreach campaign is a waste if you don’t analyze your performance weekly or fortnightly or in a month. 

LinkedIn automation tools provide you a dashboard to analyze the results of your LinkedIn marketing campaign- number of invites accepted, and the messages responded to. 


You should always track your performance to help you easily set up your future marketing campaigns.

Since LinkedIn automations tools offer you a single dashboard to review the performance of even multiple LinkedIn accounts or campaigns, you save a lot of time and energy.

5. Manage multiple accounts from a single platform

Some LinkedIn automation tools give you an edge by helping you manage your multiple LinkedIn accounts from a single dashboard. 


Thus, you can view and reply to the messages of numerous LinkedIn accounts from a single dashboard, keeping your LinkedIn outreach activities organized. This augments your lead generation process and earns better revenue for your business.

Final Thoughts

Now you know why you need LinkedIn automation tools to generate quality leads on LinkedIn. 

But you’ve got to follow the best strategies to use them correctly.

If you’re willing to invest in a LinkedIn automation tool, you’ll yield exceptional results in your lead generation and leave your competition behind.

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How to Get More Leads with LinkedIn Automation Tools?

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