How to Track Landing Page Conversions in LinkedIn Messages Using Linkedojet?

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Landing Page Conversions: LinkedIn marketing or outreach campaigns on LinkedIn are not new. But LinkedIn Marketing automation is something neoteric. It involves sending connection requests and messages on LinkedIn using an automation tool, thus saving time and efforts in outreach and prospecting.

And there’s something more innovative added to LinkedIn automation by Linkedojet!


Sounds wow?

So, let’s see how this happens with Linkedojet’s new feature.


Why to Track Landing Page Conversions?

The sole purpose of a landing page is to convert visitors. The average conversion rate on a landing page is 2.35%, and top 10% sites see landing page conversions of over 10%.

By effectively tracking your landing page conversions, you can know if your landing page is doing the desired job.

LinkedIn being the primary source of visitors for B2B businesses, tracking landing page conversions from LinkedIn messages is of prime importance to put in the right strategy for your business growth and boost conversions.

Further, what counts as a conversion differs from business to business. A SaaS company may wish to track form submissions or free trial sign-ups. On the other hand, an e-commerce company may want to track the number of transactions.

By inserting a simple tracking code on your landing page, you can easily track how many visitors are completing the desired action on the page, and if they aren’t, what changes you need to make to prompt them to convert.

How does Landing Page Tracking works in LinkedIn Messaging Campaigns?

Let’s understand this with a sample scenario!

Say you sent out 50 messages on LinkedIn in a day including the link to your landing page. Now, don’t you wish to know the number of prospects who clicked on it and who they are?

This process of separating your leads list into those who clicked and those who didn’t is called creating a leads funnel, which in turn helps you craft your next outreach campaign.

Well, that sounds like e-mail marketing automation software that tracks the click through rate on your e-mails.

Similarly, you can analyze the click through rate on your landing page from LinkedIn and extract the details of those who clicked using Linkedojet. You can know the Name, company, job title, email, and location of the prospect who clicked on your landing page from LinkedIn.

And please note! Linkedojet is the only automation software to help you in landing page tracking from LinkedIn messages. It works by inserting a landing page tracking code on your site which is then tracked by the automation software from the messages you send on LinkedIn. The process is as follows:

landing page conversions

Increase your Landing Page Conversions with Linkedojet

As discussed, tracking landing page conversions from LinkedIn messages is crucial to your business growth.

And this is the standalone feature of Linkedojet which makes it the best choice for LinkedIn marketing automation software.

So, why to think so long? Schedule a demo with us and start tracking your landing page conversions from LinkedIn messages.

How to Track Landing Page Conversions in LinkedIn Messages Using Linkedojet?

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