How to invite people to follow your LinkedIn page automatically

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Invite connections to a LinkedIn company page

In today's digital world, having a cool LinkedIn company page is like having a spotlight for your brand. It helps people know you exist and lets you connect with important folks in your industry. It's like the VIP lounge of the professional social media world!

Whether you're a pro at this or just getting started, having a snazzy LinkedIn page doesn't just make your brand look good, it also helps people find you easily on the internet.

No matter what kind of business you're in, having a LinkedIn page is a must. It's like having a special place for all your work-related chats and a way to show off your brand to potential customers. But, let's be real, getting people to notice your page can be a bit tricky at first.

But don't worry, this blog is here to help you figure out how to get more people to follow your LinkedIn page without breaking a sweat:

In a nutshell, having a strong presence on LinkedIn not only makes your brand look awesome online but also makes it way easier for people to discover you. Social media pages, like your LinkedIn page, are like superheroes when it comes to showing up in online searches, especially if your website is still a bit of a newbie. 

Remember,traditional advice to increase LinkedIn company page followers includes:

  • Post regularly
  • Use the right hashtags
  • Share content that’s educational (not just promotional)
  • Optimize your LinkedIn page (add a link to the company website, tagline, branded image, etc.)
  • Regularly check page analytics to see what content performs best

While all this advice is good, it’s more or less a collection of best practices everyone is already doing.

So if you’re already following all of these best practices, this post will introduce you to a strategy that your competitors probably aren’t using to increase your company’s LinkedIn follower growth rate.

Why Boost Your LinkedIn Followers?

If you're someone who loves scrolling through social media, you know that having lots of friends, followers, and people engaging with your posts gives you a cool feeling of success. Well, for a LinkedIn company page, it's pretty much the same deal.

The more followers your brand has, the bigger your impact. Here's why that's a big deal for your business:

**1. Promotion:** Having more followers means you can showcase your products and services to a larger audience. You'll reach potential customers who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

**2. Marketing Power:** If you've got a website, LinkedIn is like the perfect sidekick. Did you know that a whopping 46 percent of social media traffic to B2B company websites comes from LinkedIn? That's a big deal! You can drive traffic from LinkedIn straight to your own website.

**3. Talent Hunt:** Need to hire new team members? Your followers could be your next star employees. By inviting connections, you create a pool of potential candidates ready to jump on any job opportunities you have.

**4. Credibility Boost:** LinkedIn is the place to share and create top-notch content. When your followers like and share your content, it adds a stamp of credibility to your brand. It's like building street cred in your industry.

**5. Raise Awareness:** LinkedIn is buzzing with conversations. By joining in, you not only become part of the talk but also shine a light on issues that matter to your business. It's a great way to get people talking about you.

These points are pure gold for businesses of any size. Having a LinkedIn company page and inviting connections opens up a world of opportunities. So, let's dive into the how-tos and unleash the full potential of LinkedIn for your company!

How to automatically invite your connections to follow your Company page on LinkedIn

Introducing LinkedoJet's Invite Feature —a game-changer that lets you invite followers to your company page automatically. Imagine having a magic wand that effortlessly expands your reach on LinkedIn. With our LinkedoJet's Invite Feature, that's exactly what you get.

How It Works:

Our LinkedIn Automation Tool seamlessly integrates with any LinkedIn solution, whether you're on the basic plan or rocking the advanced Sales Navigator or Recruiter package. It's like having a secret weapon that turbocharges your LinkedIn strategy.

Picture This:

Think of it like a funnel, but a super-smart one. Let's say you want to connect with 100 awesome marketers. With LinkedoJet's Invite Feature, you can set it up to automatically visit their profiles, shoot them a contact request, and the best part—invite those who accept to follow your business page.

Why It's Awesome:

  • 1.Efficiency: No more manual clicking and inviting. Our LinkedoJet's Invite Feature streamlines the process, saving you time and effort.
  • 2.Targeted Connections: Handpick your audience and let the Invite Feature do the work. Connect with the right people effortlessly.
  • 3.Seamless Integration: Whether you're on the basic plan or enjoying the perks of Sales Navigator or Recruiter, our Invite Feature plays well with all LinkedIn solutions.

Special Tip: Elevate Your Visibility to Small Business Owners!

Here's a unique advantage: Imagine if 80% of your company page followers are small business owners. LinkedIn's algorithm rewards you by prioritizing your page for other small business owners. This means your page is more likely to appear at the top, maximizing your visibility to a targeted and relevant audience.

In Conclusion:

As you navigate the dynamic world of LinkedIn, remember this: the invite feature is just one piece of the puzzle. LinkedoJet's LinkedIn invite feature not only harnesses the power of invites but elevates your entire LinkedIn game. Whether you're a LinkedIn newbie or a seasoned pro, this tool is your key to unlocking the full potential of your company page. Spread the word, make connections, and watch your LinkedIn presence soar to new heights!

How to invite people to follow your LinkedIn page automatically

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