Best B2B White Label Software for Your Business

White Label B2b Software

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White Label software and White Label Marketing services are trending in B2B world today. And the reason is obvious!Besides offering a new way of business growth in less time, White Label software gives you an opportunity to boost your revenue and bring in new customers without putting in much efforts and resources. So, let’s first dive in to learn what White Label Marketing is!

What is White Label Marketing and how does it work?

White Label marketing is where a company rebrands, reprices, and resells a software as its own. The vendor or the software developer sells the unbranded software to an agency who puts their branding on it and resells it to their clients for profit.

Commonly, SaaS products like web and app design tools, lead generation tools, automation tools, reporting and analytics tools are marketed through white label marketing.

White label marketing benefits all the parties involved. The software development company gets customers for its product while the white label partner gets to offer more products and services to its clients.

White Label B2b Software

Hey! Aren’t you talking about RESELLING here? Maybe you’ve just given it a fancy name of WHITE LABEL MARKETING.

If that’s what you think, read on to know the difference!

Reseller Vs White Label

The words ‘White Labeling’ and ‘Reselling’ are sometimes used interchangeably, but they are strikingly different.

Reselling is selling the product under other’s name or the creator’s name, while white labeling is selling it under your brand name.

Let’s take an example of our own LinkedIn automation software, Linkedojet.

A reseller will market and sell Linkedojet under our brand name and share the profit earned. Our white label partners will market and brand Linkedojet under their brand name.

But what do our white label partners get in return?

What are the benefits of White Label Software?

  • Save time and money on product development
  • Scale your business and revenue by upselling more products and services to your existing clients
  • Offer tailored solutions to your customers based on their needs and preferences

Best White label Software to Boost your Business

1. BuildFire

BuildFire offers the best white label program to business and individuals looking to expand their offerings in mobile app development. It equips the white label partners to offer fully featured mobile apps to their clients for a monthly fee of $99/month and make a recurring, long-term profit of $60,000 a year with great customer lifelong value.


2. 99 Dollar Social

Social media channels are an amazing platform for engagement and retention of customers, only if used correctly. However, that requires hiring an expert and spending a good amount of money.

That’s where 99 Dollar Social comes in by offering productized and cost-effective white label social media management services aimed at small businesses.

3. Linkedojet

Linkedojet is one of the leading LinkedIn automation software that offers white label solution to expand your lead generation business. It offers customized services, onetime set-up cost and lifetime support to all its white label partners, besides integrating third-party tools or CRM of your choice with LinkedIn automation software.

4. White Shark Media

White Shark Media offers white label marketing services in search engine marketing and pay per click advertising. As a white label partner, you need to deal with just delivering reports and closing sales.

5. ClicksGeek

ClicksGeek offers a white label solution in Google AdWords management with easy to start program and delivering reports to the clients with little effort.

White Label B2b Software

6. FunnelProfit

FunnelProfit offers LinkedIn lead generation services, especially aimed at IT service providers with standard rate pricing for white label partners.

7. AppInstitute

AppInstitute is an easy drag-and-drop app builder offering white label solutions to businesses without any technical skills or coding ability. It also provides its white label partners with sales materials like infographics and promotional videos to attract new clients.

8. Flywheel

Flywheel is a web host provider offering white label hosting services with a freelancer or agency plan, and customized client subscriptions to allow you to create service packages and bill clients. It can even send out Invoices with your branding.

9. 3dcart

3dcart is an ecommerce store building SaaS tool that has developed a white label program for webmasters, designers, marketing services, and merchant payment providers.

It’s free to get started with 6 months of free offer to help you onboard new clients.

10. Weblium

Weblium is a cost-effective software to get your client’s website live in a less span of time. It’s easy to use and takes care of the mundane and repetitive tasks involved in building websites.

Further, it’s fully customizable, and allows for collaboration and website building in a faster way for faster business growth.

How to pick the right White Label Software?

  • Audit your service offerings and tools you need to offer them. What services are required by your customers which you aren’t offering currently, but can offer through a white label platform?
  • Check your vendor’s track record to know how long they’ve been in business and the results they have helped other agencies achieve.
  • How will your white label platform help you in marketing of your products/services?
  • Check if the platform offers customization and skill level required to use the platform.
  • Does your white label software offer integration with other apps and software?
  • Pricing
  • Service and support from the vendor


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Best B2B White Label Software for Your Business

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