How to Create Personalized Outreach Campaigns on LinkedIn with Hyperise?

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You know the feeling of awaiting a response to your LinkedIn outreach campaign. And if you don’t receive your desired one, it leaves you wondering what’s wrong!

Well, you must have heard of creating personalized outreach campaigns. Such campaigns help you:

  • Stand out from the crowd of similar campaigns in your niche. This catches the receiver’s attention to your message
  • Build a connection with the receiver. Personalization helps develop a connection with your audience rather than sounding like a salesman
  • Increase the chances of getting your desired kickback to the campaign

However, the challenge is how to create such personalized outreach campaigns on LinkedIn.

That’s what you’ll learn in this post. So, hold back as we reveal the secret.

Are these tags enough to create personalized outreach campaigns?

Most of you have been using these tags to create personalized messages for LinkedIn outreach.

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Job title
  • Company name

But, are these tags enough?

If they were, we won’t be writing and you won’t be reading this post.

Deep down, you know that something is missing in your LinkedIn outreach campaigns. Can you make them more personalized?


You can create hyper personalized messages by creating customized GIFs. And this gets easier with Linkedojet integrated with Hyperise.

Before explaining about what these tools are, let’s understand personalization with an example.

Let’s say you want to reach out to the CEO of a reputed real estate company and let him know about your latest blog post on current market conditions.

He gets thousands of messages daily. And you’d want to stand out and show him what makes you unique.

You can personalize your message by using his LinkedIn profile picture in your outreach.

Best part?

You can use a customized GIF as below:


Now, how do these personalized images benefit you?


  • It will make your message stand out from your competitors
  • Add uniqueness to your LinkedIn outreach campaign
  • Can be used in diverse cases of LinkedIn outreach

Time for the real game!

How to set up personalized outreach campaigns on LinkedIn?

Getting back to our Linkedojet – Hyperise integration, it allows to send hyper personalized images in your LinkedIn messages and automate your LinkedIn outreach campaign.

To learn the entire process, follow the below steps:

1. Create an account with Linkedojet and verify


2. Sign up for Hyperise


3. Go to Hyperise API settings, create an API token and copy the ID

4. Paste this ID on the dashboard of your Linkedojet account


5. Now, you’ll get a set of templates from Hyperise to use in your LinkedIn outreach campaigns

6. Create your LinkedIn outreach campaign on Linkedojet dashboard using any of these templates.

7. Give a title, description, and destination URL to the Hyperise image you add in your LinkedIn message


Final Words

So, the only way to boost the conversion rate of your LinkedIn outreach messages is to move beyond the tags of the name and job title, and use hyper personalized images from Hyperise.

Sign up for a free demo here.

How to Create Personalized Outreach Campaigns on LinkedIn with Hyperise?

Sharing is caring!

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