How to Sell Recruitment Services and Find Clients?

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With the rapid growth of global economy and creation of new businesses, there’s a great opportunity for the recruitment industry as companies will have an exponentially growing need of new talent.

In short, recruitment agencies have become more crucial than ever.

Are you the one willing to take a step and launch your recruitment business? Congo!!

But before you figure out ‘How to sell recruitment services?’, know what exactly a recruitment agency does.

Any recruitment agency is an intermediate body between the companies looking to hire talent and job seekers searching for jobs. The main function of a recruitment agency is to find the best fit for the desired job role by the companies.

Thus, your main aim is to find clients for your recruitment business, otherwise you won’t taste success. So, how to do that?

Well, read on to know the answer!

How to Sell Recruitment Services and Get Clients?

There’s not one but several ways to sell your recruitment services. Let’s peek into them one by one.

1. Take advantage of job posting websites

Job posting websites are now an integral part of global employment and recruitment marketplace. Ignoring them or underuse can lead to missing out on many big potential clients.


Search regularly on these websites and if a particular company appears too frequently, it’s possible they are struggling with finding the right candidate or going through rapid expansion. Hit the bull’s eye with such businesses who will welcome your services to take on the burden of hiring the right talent.

Besides general job boards, look at industry-specific sites too, especially in the niche you have experience of hiring.

2. Email marketing

If you think email marketing is dead, you are highly mistaken. Rather, businesses use CRM integration with their email marketing platform and its analytics to monitor and plan their emails and acquire new clients.

If you specialize in hiring in a particular niche, search for all small to medium business in that field, and grow your marketing list in a short span without much effort.

3. Follow-up calls

Though useful, but e-mails are sometimes ignored and deleted. Or even if read, it may slip out of their mind due to their day-to-day business activities.

Thus, it’s important to make a follow-up call and ask if they received your email, and whether they’ll be interested to know more.

If they refuse, that’s one prospect off the list, but if they ask for more, take the conversation to the next stage. Also, follow-up with your existing customers to know their feedback about your service.

4. Gather referrals

Word of mouth referrals are the cheapest way to sell your recruitment services. This happens when you provide an outstanding experience to your customers so that they tell others about you.


While this may happen on its own, but some businesses might require prompting about the importance of referrals. Don’t hesitate to ask for them, either during your regular communications or in email marketing.

5. Use social media

Social media platforms, especially LinkedIn must be on your go-to list for finding clients for your recruitment business. Not only they help in building your brand awareness through regular updates of content, but also build relationships with prospects.

6. Go to the events in your space

Industry or local networking events give you an opportunity to come in contact with your friends, colleagues, bosses, subordinates, and local businesses nearby. They may know about people or companies who may require your services.

Thus, attending such networking events and keeping a good rapport with everyone in contact is crucial for your outreach.

As I emphasized about LinkedIn to sell recruitment services, let’s see why I did so!

Why LinkedIn is the preferred choice for selling recruitment services?

Source: LinkedIn

However, LinkedIn marketing does pose certain challenges.

Challenges in using LinkedIn to find clients

  1. Time spent in building a credible network
  2. Connection limit posed by LinkedIn which doesn’t allow you to send connect invites beyond a certain limit daily
  3. Also, if you send too many connect invites on LinkedIn, you risk your LinkedIn account being restricted
  4. Personalization of outreach campaigns becomes tricky if you are a novice in using the platform.

Anyhow, if there are challenges, there’s also a Band-Aid!

How Linkedojet solves all the above challenges?

Linkedojet is the one-stop LinkedIn automation software that will solve all the above challenges. Let’s see how!

  • Automate the process of sending connect invites on LinkedIn from your regular LinkedIn profile or Sales Navigator, thus saving time in building your network.
  • The tool can filter out the relevant members in your LinkedIn groups and you can message them to overcome the LinkedIn connect invite limit.
  • The tool also filters out leads which have an open profile to send free InMails without connecting. Yet another alternative to overcome LinkedIn limit on invites.
  • You can run multiple drip campaigns on LinkedIn from multiple LinkedIn accounts using this software and analyze their performance on a single dashboard.
  • Linkedojet goes a step ahead and helps you personalize your LinkedIn outreach campaigns by allowing to send personalized GIFs in messages.

So, won’t that make for a big deal? If you can save time and do multiple things on a single software, you can save your hours for other important business activities of your recruitment agency.

And we make it easy to take the decision by offering a free demo of our software. Sign up here to book a FREE demo with us!

How to Sell Recruitment Services and Find Clients?

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