LinkedIn Recruitment Strategy: How to Hire the Perfect Employee Using Linkedojet

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Recruitment today is not the same as it was a few years ago.

The traditional recruiting tools are taking a back seat in this candidate-driven market.

And if you don’t get your recruitment strategy right, you can’t hit your business goals.

Let’s be honest! Sometimes, you don’t know where to begin hunting for the right talent. And even if you do, you don’t know the right way!

So, today, let’s hop in to learn how to use the most popular recruitment platform – LinkedIn to your advantage.

But, before we start with our LinkedIn recruitment strategy, do you think LinkedIn is a good recruiting tool?

Let’s find out!

Is LinkedIn a good recruiting tool?

Let me answer this in numbers!

LinkedIn has over 720 million users, 50k remote jobs, 40 million people search for jobs each week, and LinkedIn claims that 3 people are hired every minute on the platform

It would be silly to ignore these figures! Isn’t it?

Still, if you have even an inch of doubt on LinkedIn’s aptness as a recruiting tool, clear it by glancing through these benefits:


1. LinkedIn allows you to reach out to passive candidates

70% of the LinkedIn users are passive candidates which means they are not actively looking for a new job. Such users are your perfect target, and you can easily find them by using LinkedIn’s advanced search tool.

Moreover, by posting your jobs on your LinkedIn’s company page and LinkedIn groups, you can easily grab attention of relevant LinkedIn members.

2. The platform is up-to-date and encompassing

Besides passive candidates, you also find candidates who are actively looking for jobs on LinkedIn. And as long as they are searching for a new opportunity, they keep their profiles updated with most recent experiences.

3. Leverage candidate endorsements

As a recruiter, you know that every candidate’s profile on LinkedIn has an endorsement section and recommendations from the candidate’s network. Both these features can help you shortlist the right talent for your needs.

4. LinkedIn helps you conduct reference checks

With this LinkedIn feature, you can easily find common connections between you and the candidate for quick reference checks.

A recruiter at Devin Blanks of DB Search Group — a Minneapolis-based staffing and recruiting firm, has been using LinkedIn for recruitment for the past couple of years, and this is what he has to say:

"I have personally been a part of the LinkedIn community since my early career. Currently I have been using it frequently to connect with many hard-to-find professionals whom we may not have had the opportunity to connect with using more conventional means.
"Most recently, we wanted to fill a Senior Director of HR position. As this position was more complex than usual and called for a very specific skill set, I used two different approaches to using LinkedIn." First, we posted the position, and second, we viewed potential candidates through second and third-party connections via my immediate contacts and requesting an introduction. I got great response, met with a few candidates, and filled the position with a LinkedIn member.”

I hope…..No, I am sure I have convinced you on using LinkedIn as a part of your recruitment strategy.

So, what’s next?

How to use LinkedIn for recruiting?


To attract the right candidates on LinkedIn to your job offer:

Post your job directly on LinkedIn

This helps as the platform will present qualified job seekers for your posting. Further, applicants can apply for the job directly on the platform, unclogging your Inbox.

Use your LinkedIn network

On LinkedIn, you can elicit candidate recommendations for a particular job offering. You can tap into your network on LinkedIn to get quality referrals or even the network of your current employees by asking them to share the job opening with their LinkedIn connections.

Stay in touch with your former, trusted colleagues

Don’t lose touch with people with whom you’ve successfully worked in the past. They could help you in potential future employment and recruitment possibilities.

Use your company page to sell yourself as a potential employer

Don’t have a company page on LinkedIn yet? It’s high time you do it now! With over 50 million companies posting on LinkedIn, set your company apart with a dedicated company page on LinkedIn.

This helps candidates have insights into your company before they join you as employees.

Use keywords to actively search for candidates

Use keywords related to the qualifications you are looking for in your ideal candidate. In this manner, you can narrow down your search and devote time on the profiles of only the suitable ones.

Build your own keyword-rich profile

Thought keyword-rich profile is only for job seekers? Well, absolutely not!

If you are searching for the right candidate, he/she is also searching for the right employer; to know more about them, their company, and requirements, and finally compile a list of companies they would like to work in. So, develop a complete, keyword-rich profile of yours and your company on LinkedIn.

Send InMails

With LinkedIn now putting a limit on connection requests you can send over a day; it becomes more important to send InMails rather than invites to your target candidates.

With InMails, you can reach people to whom you aren’t connected yet, and find great prospects to fill your job offer.

Take advantage of LinkedIn groups

Members of a LinkedIn group can share interests, memberships, content, and also help you connect with a potential employee.

Besides these ways to hire the right talent on LinkedIn, the platform also offers two recruiting tools to make the process easier.

LinkedIn Recruiter

It’s an all-encompassing hiring platform for recruiters and hiring managers to find, connect with, and manage the candidates you wish to hire for your opening.


How LinkedIn Recruiter works?

  • Access to the entire LinkedIn platform to search for the right candidate. Narrow down your search with 40+ advanced filters and keyword search to reach people with right set of skills and experience.
  • As you refine your search, LinkedIn Recruiter learns from your actions and presents a list of recommended candidates for your job role.
  • Send a personalized InMail or bulk messages to multiple candidates in one go, and save your messages as templates for future use.
  • Receive a notification from LinkedIn Recruiter as soon as candidates respond to your offering or messages
  • Get reminders to follow up with the shortlisted candidates and sync your calendar for scheduling interviews
  • Keep track of all the candidates in your pipeline at one place
  • Share the profiles of the candidates with your team to seamlessly work together in hiring them

Bonus features

  • Assess the skill proficiency of candidates before reaching out to them
  • Connect your ATS (Applicant tracking system) to avoid switching between two platforms
  • Get alerts for new candidates that meet your job requirements

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite

It’s a light weight recruiting tool having similar features as LinkedIn Recruiter, but is more apt for hiring managers who make only 1-2 hires per year. For making more than 1-2 hires in a year, explore LinkedIn Recruiter’s advanced search filters and messaging elements.


The key differences between LinkedIn Recruiter and LinkedIn Recruiter Lite are:

Recruiter LiteRecruiter
Doesn’t allow integration with your ATSAllows integration with ATS
30 InMails per monthInMails are pooled allowing active recruiters to send more messages
No ability to send mass InMails25 InMails at once
10 saved Search result alerts daily50 Saved Search result alerts daily
Limited search filtersCan search more details of the candidate
Less analytics reportsMore analytics reports

How Linkedojet helps in your LinkedIn Recruitment Strategy?

LinkedIn outreach to massive number of candidates is a part of your LinkedIn Recruitment Strategy.

And needless to say, will involve a considerable part of your time and resources!

Linkedojet is a cloud-based automation tool that helps you:

  • Save 20 man-hours in managing your LinkedIn outreach campaigns
  • Tag your candidates based on their response
  • Reply to the suitable candidates from within the dashboard
  • Avoid hassles in managing multiple LinkedIn accounts and organizing your recruitment process at one place

Further, it’s more economical and cost-effective than LinkedIn recruiting tools.

Don't believe us on this! Yes, we are right! But, just read to what this hiring manager, Rachel Budiong has to say:

Linkedojet is perfect for us in terms of managing LinkedIn campaigns for our team of 7 members. With Linkedojet managing our campaigns now, we invest more time performing our core business activities and streamline our hiring process.

Conclusion: LinkedIn Recruitment Strategy

With fast-moving and candidate-driven market, you need to adopt digital strategies to up your LinkedIn recruitment game.

And what’s better to start with cloud-based LinkedIn automation!

So, ready to invest in this LinkedIn recruitment strategy? Sign up for a FREE demo here.

LinkedIn Recruitment Strategy: How to Hire the Perfect Employee Using Linkedojet

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