How to Get Clients on LinkedIn for Coaching Business (High-speed strategy)

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How to Get Clients on LinkedIn: With more and more entrepreneurs entering into the coaching business, the industry is becoming highly competitive. So is the difficulty in getting coaching leads to work with.

Lead generation for coaches is a huge challenge and therefore, you need a game plan that’s easy to implement and time-saving.

The foremost thing to keep in mind in running a coaching business is to develop relationships and build trust. As it’s your experience and expertise that you sell through your business, it’s highly important to generate leads consistently for your long-term success.

Before jumping onto the high-speed strategy to get clients on LinkedIn, first understand the major challenges in doing so.

Major Pain points of Business Coaches in 2021

  • Choosing your perfect niche for coaching
  • Identifying your target audience
  • Having a defined marketing strategy
  • Inability to address the pain points of your audience
  • Lack of a proven system to scale growth
  • Scaling the operations of the coaching business

And unless you cater to these pain points, you can’t get clients for your coaching business!

Now, there are various ways of lead generation for coaches. Let’s take a look at them one by one!

How do life coaches attract clients?


1. Google Adwords

If someone clicks on your ad for coaching services, it costs you around £ 30 per click and there’s high competition from corporate companies.

2. Facebook advertising

Depending on your coaching niche, the time and budget you spend, Facebook ads could work for you, but it means a considerable time and heavy spending on your part to make the campaign work for you.

3. Direct mail

Though it works great, but sometimes you have to spend months or years to build the list which can get very expensive to produce and send emails.

All the more, cold email response rates are at all time low currently.

In addition to being competitive and expensive, these marketing methods require an advanced marketing and copywriting skills at your end to stand out from the crowd and generate quality leads.

LinkedIn wins this race of lead generation for your coaching business. Let’s find out why!

Why LinkedIn leads the lead generation for coaches?


Reasons are plenty!

  • It’s a dedicated prospecting tool for business professionals
  • It gives all the benefits of a direct mail without spending a penny
  • Finding and contacting the right people on LinkedIn is relatively easy
  • InMails on LinkedIn have a 100% delivery rate and better response rate than cold emails

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By now, you are convinced that if you want to promote your coaching business, LinkedIn must top your list or else you’ll be hitting your head against the wall and feel frustrated.

However, how to get clients on LinkedIn? How to generate leads from LinkedIn?

Well, here’s the blueprint!

How to Get Clients on LinkedIn for your Coaching Business?

Follow this modus operandi:

  • Choose your coaching niche and highlight it in your LinkedIn headline and profile to attract the right audience
  • Prospect your ideal coaching clients on LinkedIn and send them an invite with a personalized message
  • Follow-up with your prospects explaining them more about your services

The catch here is to prospect 25-30 ideal clients daily on LinkedIn and follow-up with them multiple times. The key to successful lead generation on LinkedIn is efficiency and consistency. All successful coaches who generate leads from LinkedIn are focusing their efforts and time on the platform.

Hold on! I can read your mind!

What’s striking your mind right now is: If you have to prospect 25-30 ideal clients on LinkedIn every single day, it means spending nearly 2 hours or more on the platform. Do you have that time?

Answer is a plain NO!! Even if you spend that time, you won’t be able to focus on other operations of your coaching business.

The quick fix?


Here’s what I mean!

How to generate leads from LinkedIn using Linkedojet?

Linkedojet is a cloud-based automation tool that automates the time-consuming tasks of lead generation every single day without fail. Thus, you can get clients on LinkedIn while you are sleeping or spending time with your friends/family.

Watch this video to know more!

Benefits just don’t stop there! You have these in your pocket too!

  • Detailed analysis of your outreach campaigns and creating reports which you can export to excel sheets and decide the further course of action
  • Saving hours of time and efforts in prospecting
  • In case you join groups in your niche on LinkedIn, Linkedojet can scan the description of the group members and send messages to your ideal clients based on keywords in their job title

Besides prospecting on LinkedIn, you should build a high -ticket coaching funnel to attract leads.

What is a coaching funnel and how it can help your business?

To increase sales of your coaching programs, you must build a sales funnel or better term it as a coaching funnel. The funnel comprises of the stages your leads go through before they buy from you.

The goal of this funnel is to generate sessions with as many qualified leads as possible so you don’t waste your time on any lead.


Simple as it sounds, a high -ticket coaching funnel SHOULD consist of a series of online pages that are crafted to turn visitors into leads and leads into your customers.

However, there’s a lot of thinking and psychology involved in creating such pages. That’s where ClickFunnels comes into the picture!

You can use their easy-to-use and high converting templates to sell your coaching programs or host webinars.

Other features include:

  • Easy drag and drop visual editor
  • Hosting of your custom domain
  • High converting themes and templates
  • Split testing of your sales funnels
  • Tracking your conversions
  • Email autoresponders
  • Creating of a membership site

The decisive game plan to get clients on LinkedIn for coaching business

Combining the whole strategy to get clients on LinkedIn for coaching business: Use ClickFunnels to build your high-ticket coaching funnel and Linkedojet to generate leads from LinkedIn.

Direct prospects from LinkedIn to the sales funnel page you create by using ClickFunnels.

Thus, the entire process of lead generation coaching gets streamlined and saves you much time to focus on other productive tasks.

So, ready to see how LinkedIn can drive coaching clients for you? Schedule a demo with us!

How to Get Clients on LinkedIn for Coaching Business (High-speed strategy)

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