How to Build a Highly Targeted B2B prospect list for Lead Generation

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Prospects…leads….and revenue!

Isn’t that the dream or better say the goal of every entrepreneur?

And with B2B sales, one of the most effective ways to generate more leads is with a targeted B2B prospect list.

So, the question here is not “To prospect or not to prospect,” but ‘How to prospect?’ or “How to develop a prospect list?”

Without having a targeted B2B prospect list and a well-defined process, you’ll be sending cold emails to people who have no interest in your product/service and are least likely to engage with you.

You’ll miss out on contacting people who have the high possibility of being converted into buyers.

Therefore, first understand your prospects, and then learn how to build a targeted B2B prospect list on LinkedIn to generate quality leads for your business.

So, let’s learn the various tactics to build your targeted B2B prospect list!

How to build a targeted B2B prospect list?


There are various ways to go about building your target B2B prospect list:

1. Prospecting on LinkedIn

Ah! We all use search filters on the platform to narrow down our target audience to connect. Some of us use LinkedIn Sales Navigator too!

But, there’s something beyond this to create a targeted prospect list on LinkedIn!

Ever tried this method to build your target prospect list?

Follow these steps!

  • Look for companies and articles related to your business product/service. Use hashtags related to your industry to find articles quickly and easily.
  • See who all engaged on those articles
  • Note down the details of those companies and people like their name, title, and LinkedIn URL and target them with your invites or InMails
  • Join relevant groups on LinkedIn and connect with your target prospects amongst the group members

2. Look for influencers on Twitter

To put it correctly, search for influencers related to your niche or business product/service. Such people are called micro-influencers.

Micro-influencers may not have as many followers as social media influencers who are more known to the general public, but they are famous in their niche and have a loyal, trusting and highly engaged audience.

To find these micro-influencers:

  • Use Twitter’s advanced search feature to find the right influencers for your brand
  • Identify the tags associated with your industry and use them to find relevant tweets of micro-influencers

Now, once you’ve identified the appropriate micro-influencers for your business, what’s next?

  • Reach out to them and ask if they are willing to showcase your product on their account
  • If they agree, look for people who engage on their tweet.
  • Connect with them directly on Twitter with your message
  • Also, search for them on LinkedIn based on other details like name, company, etc. and send them an invite or InMail

When a micro-influencer gives a shout-out to your product on Twitter, it can spark a word-of-mouth marketing campaign on the platform.

3. Track relevant pages on Facebook

That’s where identifying your customer profile will play a huge role.

Track those Facebook pages where your target audience is likely to hang out and engage.

Note down the details of the people who like and comment on the posts of these pages. They are your target prospects.

Send them a friend request on Facebook, invite them to follow your company page on the platform, as well as connect with them on LinkedIn.

Final Thoughts on Targeted B2B Prospect List

So, that’s a close look on how to build a targeted B2B prospect list for your business.

LinkedIn offers a powerful platform for finding and reaching out to your prospects. With a targeted prospect list, you can keep your sales pipeline full of potential clients.

And the best part?

Tools like Linkedojet help you take advantage of this opportunity without investing much of your time, efforts, and resources.

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How to Build a Highly Targeted B2B prospect list for Lead Generation

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