Real Estate Lead Generation: How to Generate 3X Leads on LinkedIn

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E** Realty is one of the world’s fastest growing real estate brokerages based in Washington. Founded in 2009, the firm is now operational across 14 countries in the world with over 60,000 real estate professionals.

Challenges in Real Estate Lead Generation

The client wanted to build a network of Real Estate Brokers across USA. LinkedIn was an obvious answer for reaching out to their target audience. They had been using LinkedIn as the primary source of real estate lead generation, but faced the challenge of how to scale. Further, before connecting on LinkedIn, they wanted to identify how many years the targeted leads have spent as a Real Estate broker and which regions they are licensed to work in. Doing this manually was strenuous and time-consuming.

Linkedojet helped them overcome the challenge by enabling to scan the description section of the targeted lead and run a drip campaign to connect with the selected ones, thus improving the scalability and saving time. They also needed a tool that was cloud-based and easy to use with minimal training.


Why Realtors Should Use LinkedIn?

The reason is obvious! LinkedIn is purely for business, unlike other social media. It lets you target leads based on your desired criteria like location, industry, past and present company, etc. Thus, it lets you narrow down your search and target only your prospective customers.

As a real estate owner, you need to network with other brokers and look out for new clients to keep your sales pipeline packed. LinkedIn can provide a load of information about your prospect like his location, years of experience, education, etc. to narrow down your search to the desired profiles.

Further, having a robust LinkedIn profile helps build credibility about your company and brand. LinkedIn has a vivid community of niche groups you can join for advice, ideas, counseling, and real estate lead generation.

As a real estate agent, you can promote listings, blog posts, curated articles, and market trends on LinkedIn to engage with your audience and get leads for your business.

Why Linkedojet for Online Real Estate Lead Generation?

For the client, it was particularly important to find a tool that could extract data from the targeted leads like the age of the person, years spent in a particular location and role. Moreover, it should run effectively without logging in and out repeatedly.

At the same time, it needed to be cost-effective to be used by multiple team members without extended training. The capability to scan the prospect’s profile for the above-mentioned criteria played an important role here.

Here’s a list of other handy features of Linkedojet:

  • Add drip campaigns within minutes
  • Set-up as many follow-up messages as you want
  • Data analysis of your campaigns
  • Add a list of leads to your existing campaigns without pausing them
  • View the inbox of your multiple LinkedIn accounts on a single dashboard, replies from leads, and reply them back
  • Apply tags to your leads to segregate them
  • Filter out your leads
  • Download the data and keep a record of your target leads

Company’s growth and how Linkedojet plays a role

The client wanted to network with Real Estate Brokers in USA having more than 5 years of experience.

Linkedojet helped them to scan the profile of each of their prospective leads going through their description, job titles, and years spent in that particular role. Then, with its custom-built process, the tool identifies the region in which those leads are licensed to work, and finally adds all the experiences as ‘Real Estate Broker’ to sum up their total experience in that role.

Finally, a drip campaign is run to connect and engage with the leads that fit the criteria set by the client. The entire process is streamlined saving 20 man-hours in lead generation for real estate and allowing them grow their business.

With Linkedojet, the client has been able to connect with 650+ brokers in the past 5 months and working to close 3X more deals than before.

Layout of Linkedojet’s Data Extraction Process Used


How to Generate Real Estate Leads on LinkedIn?

I think you shouldn’t be doubtful now if LinkedIn is good for real estate. After reading this case study, you ought to know the right strategy of lead generation for real estate – creating drip campaigns to connect with your targeted leads on LinkedIn.

And Linkedojet just makes it easier to create such campaigns in just a few clicks.

So, think about investing in LinkedIn for your real estate lead generation.

Real Estate Lead Generation: How to Generate 3X Leads on LinkedIn

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