How to launch a Safe LinkedIn Automation Campaign Without Spamming

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LinkedIn is the gold mine for generating B2B leads!

But is LinkedIn safe? What is a safe LinkedIn Automation process? There is a plethora of questions to consider.

  • What will you prefer on LinkedIn regarding B2B lead generation? Quality or quantity?
  • How much are you spending to acquire those leads, and how to determine if the scenario is profitable?
  • Which of these metrics matter the most to you for lead generation efforts?
  1. Click through rate (CTR)
  2. Total clicks/leads
  3. Cost per click (CPC)
  4. Total Sales conversions
  5. Cost per lead

If you think there are free ways to generate leads, you are fooling yourself. Even if it doesn’t cost you bucks, it costs your time, which is worth a lot!

To answer the above questions, all the metrics matter. And if you look deeper, there is higher CPC with lower clicks/leads on LinkedIn, but overall, the LinkedIn campaign leads to a higher conversion rate and lower cost per lead conversion, which makes it the best and favorite platform for lead generation.

Advocacy on Safe LinkedIn automation

I rest my justification for LinkedIn as the topmost lead generation platform here! And now, I move on to advocating the safe LinkedIn automation stuff.

If LinkedIn is at the heart of your daily business activities, whether searching leads, hiring or extending your professional network, doing it manually is challenging and time-consuming.

That’s where LinkedIn automation tools come to aid by helping the user automate dozens of everyday tasks- sending connection requests, sending follow-up messages, sending messages to 1st degree connections, and lots more.


Like any other social media platform, LinkedIn marketing campaigns will also need automation at some point of time to achieve enhanced results.

But LinkedIn automation is a whole new game.

That’s because LinkedIn takes a very strict stand on automation and you really need to be smart about your automation tool to avoid a ban on LinkedIn.

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These strict rules bring out automation challenges before marketers who choose to use an automation tool for their business.

But before we talk about those challenges, let’s quickly glance through the pros and cons of LinkedIn automation.

Pros of LinkedIn automation

  • Avoid the overwhelm of connecting with your leads on a massive scale
  • Help in business-related and valuable communications on a scale
  • Save time in managing the leads from multiple accounts, especially if you have a dozen of them

Cons of LinkedIn automation

  • Using LinkedIn automation means you’re risking your LinkedIn account being restricted

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However, the benefits of LinkedIn automation outweigh the loopholes. Plus, the loopholes get completely dissipated if you use your LinkedIn automation the right way.

Many marketers think that LinkedIn automation is ineffective and spam, and thus, shrink back to their comfort shell. But that’s not true!

Let’s reveal the reality!

What is LinkedIn spamming?


Spamming on LinkedIn isn’t the same as for other social media platforms. LinkedIn spamming specifically constitutes the following:

  • Self-promotion to the highest degree
  • Pitching about your company in the post comments
  • Endorsing people whom you don’t know on LinkedIn or haven’t worked with
  • Scraping user’s email addresses and sending them mails
  • Persistent follow-up messages, even when there’s no reply after three follow-ups
  • Sending your sales pitch immediately after the user accepts your connect request

Now, when you know the difference between automation and spamming, it’s easier to make the choice of LinkedIn automation. Yet, there are certain challenges to it.

Let’s hop in to solve them!

Challenges to LinkedIn Automation and How to launch safe LinkedIn automation campaign


1. Safety and Privacy concerns

Privacy aspect is a huge issue for marketers and agencies. While managing more than one account, you’ll be faced with the difficulty of logging into each one separately.

Thus, you need a safe LinkedIn automation tool that allows you to manage multiple LinkedIn accounts from a single dashboard.

Further, the safety issue stems from the potential risk of your LinkedIn account being banned. This issue can be resolved by using an automation tool that mimics human behavior and evades the LinkedIn spam policy.

All this can happen ONLY when you use cloud-based automation tools. Additionally, the tool should be able to use dedicated IP addresses for each account to avoid being flagged.

2. Inability to manage all things from one place

Managing multiple LinkedIn accounts at once with a single set of hands is tricky.

The issue is more evident when you have to log into multiple accounts, for different clients, with projects based in different time zones. In such a scenario, automation is the ONLY savior.

Besides signing-in and signing-out of each account, you’ll have to keep track of every single activity you do on each account. Each account equates to more time, more resources, and more confusion.

To solve the problem, you need to invest in a LinkedIn automation tool that allows you to manage multiple LinkedIn accounts and different campaigns for each account.

This ensures you aren’t overwhelmed by the number of accounts and LinkedIn campaigns you have to manage.

3. Managing permission and roles

The biggest headache when trying to manually set up LinkedIn tasks? Roles and permissions!

Quick fix? A safe LinkedIn automation tool!

Let’s say your department head wants to check in on your progress and needs to access multiple profiles you manage. Automation makes the process simple through a shareable customized link.

Safe LinkedIn automation with multiple accounts needs an initial set-up where you create roles and permissions for your team. Access is then granted via a shareable link so that the account owner can log in and share the credentials with his co-workers.

The co-workers can have the custom URL to complete the tasks assigned to them without interrupting the activity of other users on that account. Though important, not every LinkedIn automation tool offers this feature.

4. Sharing results

When you are managing multiple accounts for your business or the clients, you need a way to generate results for the tasks done on each account.

You/the client deserves to know the impact of your activities on the profile and the brand.

Again, the Band-aid is LinkedIn automation!

As an entrepreneur or an agency, you need to devote time to other more productive tasks than populating spreadsheets with data. So, let your LinkedIn automation tool do this!

So, what makes a safe LinkedIn automation tool?

By now, you are clear on the aspect that LinkedIn automation tools are not a problem. It’s how these tools work that causes the problems.

And that’s something you don’t need to worry about when using Linkedojet!

Linkedojet’s smart automation approach allows you to streamline your workflow and manage all your leads without the risk of your account getting restricted.

By mimicking human behavior and using dedicated IP addresses, Linkedojet is a cloud-based automation tool that gets your LinkedIn marketing campaigns set the right way.

How to launch a safe LinkedIn automation campaign?

  • Keep an eye on the number of LinkedIn ion limits or the connect requests sent in a day; keep it up to 70 per day. Prefer sending a free InMail first to those leads who have a open profile instead of a connect invite.
  • Do not exceed the number of messages sent to 1st degree connections beyond 60 per day
  • Do not forget to withdraw pending invitations from time to time (Linkedojet helps you do this automatically)
  • Alongside safe LinkedIn automation, be active on the platform by posting relevant content
  • Consider using Sales Navigator with LinkedIn automation tool since it has filters to healp you reach decision makers.

Final words

Even with the associated risk, LinkedIn automation has advantages that are too good to ignore. And when you use the right tool in the right way, the risk is insignificant, which makes such a tool even more attractive.

So, keep in mind the above LinkedIn etiquette to launch a safe LinkedIn automation campaign without looking spammy. Sign up for a FREE demo of our tool here.

How to launch a Safe LinkedIn Automation Campaign Without Spamming

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