Why Should you Go for White Label LinkedIn Automation in 2022(Number 1 Reason)?

White Label LinkedIn Automation

LinkedIn is the fastest growing platform where one can generate quality leads and B2B connections. 

When you add LinkedIn Automation to the equation, you can do this even while sleeping.

But things get difficult if you’re doing this for multiple accounts. 

Then you’ll definitely face problems with LinkedIn Automation, such as: 

  1. Management of different LinkedIn Accounts
  2. Sharing derived results with clients
  3. Delegation of control over LinkedIn profiles
  4. Safety and privacy concerns of clients


Relax! I will explain these problems in detail and also give the right solutions for them. 

So, without further adieu, let’s hop right into the post.

4 common challenges while opting for LinkedIn Automation Software

White Label LinkedIn Automation

Every LinkedIn Automation tool in the market is not agency-friendly. 

They might be good when you’re working on a single profile, but problems arise when you go towards handling multiple LinkedIn Profiles. 

Problem No. 1- Management of different LinkedIn Accounts

The more LinkedIn accounts you have to manage, the more difficult it becomes to keep track of every detail. 

Not to mention logging in and logging out multiple times just to confirm certain things. 

It not only takes a lot of time, but is really exhausting, especially when the numbers are really high.

Problem No. 2- Sharing derived results with the clients

Preparation of reports of all the insights of the LinkedIn account is necessary to show your client how well you’re handling their LinkedIn Account. 

If your LinkedIn Automation Software doesn’t create these for you, you are going to spend a lot of time creating them, thus giving you less time for other important work.

Problem No. 3 – Delegation of control over LinkedIn Automation

What I mean by delegation of control is the amount of control people have on your profile in the LinkedIn automation tool.

When you are an owner of an agency that provides LinkedIn Lead Generation Service, you will have many LinkedIn profiles to manage, and also employees do some of your work.

But ideally, you don’t want to give the entire control of your LinkedIn Automation in the hands of someone you don’t fully trust yet, or someone who could potentially mess things up. 

This is also missing from many LinkedIn Automation tools in the market and poses a big problem for agency owners. 

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Problem No. 4 – Privacy and safety concerns

It is mandatory for the LinkedIn profile owners to give a password to an agency so that they can log in on their behalf. This makes them feel vulnerable.

The other concern is about their LinkedIn profile getting suspended for invalid behavior, in case LinkedIn cracks that their profile was running on an automation service.

Solutions for the above-mentioned problems


Solution No.1- Use the right LinkedIn Automation Tool

As told earlier, most of the LinkedIn Automation tools in the market are not agency-friendly but well, some are!  

And one such example is Linkedojet!

Linkedojet is a cloud-based LinkedIn Automation that offers a single dashboard from where you can handle multiple LinkedIn profiles without having to log in and log out repeatedly. 

Solution No.2: Use LinkedIn Automation which has the functionality to create reports

Again, Linkedojet offers this functionality as well. You can export excel sheets in just a click, ready to be shared instantly with your client.

Solution No. 3: Use a LinkedIn Automation Software that lets you to delegate control

You can overcome this problem by using a LinkedIn Automation Software that lets you limit the amount of control another person has over it. 

But that’s not the only solution.

In Linkedojet, you can share ONLY the exported data with your employee. You don’t even have to go through the trouble of creating a separate login for anyone.  

Solution No.4: Use a LinkedIn Automation tool that mimics human behavior

If your LinkedIn Automation doesn’t have advanced campaign customization settings, then stop using it. It will lead to your LinkedIn profile being banned. 

Linkdojet offers advanced LinkedIn campaign customization settings. Also, since it is a cloud based software, it is really safe and LinkedIn won’t be able to detect automation if you keep your automated actions in check and humanly possible.

Bonus Tip For All The Agency Owners!

If you are running a LinkedIn Lead Generation Agency, we have something amazing for you! 

We can help you grow and manage multiple clients on autopilot.

If you’re having difficulty in:-

●       Showing growth to your client on their LinkedIn Profile

●       Creating reports of all campaigns manually

●       Sharing statistics

●       Managing multiple accounts

Then you might just want to consider our whitelabel offer! 

Are you wondering what is whitelabeling? 

Whitelabeling is a scenario where a product or service is produced by one company and marketed by another company, who rebrand it to look as if the 2nd company(those who are marketing it) is selling it. 

Generating leads on LinkedIn is where all the businesses struggle. Apart from that, building relationships with all of your prospects before they convert is a lot for just one person to manage. 

We offer ready-made solutions for all your problems. 

  • With LinkedIn’s data-rich filters, Linkedojet can help you find your ideal clients. 
  • With its automated and personalized messages and follow ups, Linkedojet will help you reach out to more clients at scale.
  • You can get in front of your target audience and start engaging them in conversation.

Having a whitelabel partner lets you accomplish things that your company may otherwise struggle with. For example, if you are only starting out, you may not have the resources necessary to grow your business. But by investing in a whitelabel agency, you can get the support you need, and start enjoying results that can be seen.

Linkedojet can help your business keep up with the pace of your competition and to even get ahead of them.

What sets Linkedojet apart from other whitelabel agencies is that we take a personalized approach to every single campaign.

We know that your business has unique needs and goals. No one understands your business better than you do. That is why Linkedojet ensures providing an experience that is custom made and tailored specifically for your business.

To add to your plate, all the Whitelabel clients of Linkedojet can give independent logins to their end clients, and adjust the rights given to them for editing their campaigns.

This lets Linkedojet help you in a way that is actually impactful.

Linkedojet simplifies your lead flow, giving you the tools and education you need to build a sustainable sales pipeline.

You can use Linkedojet in three simple steps: 

  • Finding your audience 
  • Adding your message 
  • Launching your campaign

It’s that easy. 

Also, we believe in providing cost-effective options for White Label LinkedIn Automation.

Linkedojet empowers customers with its superior onboarding process and lifetime support. If you choose Linkedojet to be your whitelabel partner, you can wake up to an inbox full of qualified prospects that are ready to buy from you.

Final Words on White label LinkedIn Automation

Your entire automated LinkedIn Lead Generation campaign depends upon the LinkedIn Automation tool you use.

Most of the LinkedIn Automation tools out there are not agency-friendly but the product that we recommend, Linkedojet is! 

Linkedojet is a cloud-based LinkedIn Automation tool that is made with agencies and agency owners in mind. 

It was made in such a way that multiple accounts can be accessed from a single window (dashboard) and it eliminates the need to sign in and sign out, and to even directly access your LinkedIn Profile.

You can do all the tasks from sending messages, sending connection requests, planning follow ups to setting replies beforehand and setting campaigns from the dashboard of Linkedojet. 

Not only that, there is no need to manually make reports, since Linkedojet generates them with only a single-click. You can even track your reports from the same dashboard. 

Linkedojet is really time efficient and saves you from all the manual work. 

As regarding the safety of your LinkedIn profile, this cloud-based tool is the safest thing you can get.

Each LinkedIn account on the automation tool will run on its dedicated IP address.

Just make sure not to do any actions that make your profile look suspicious.  

Last but not the least, we provide White Label LinkedIn Automation option at pocket-friendly prices.

So, are you in for our Whitelabeling partnership? 

Why Should you Go for White Label LinkedIn Automation in 2022(Number 1 Reason)?
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