How to find and get your dream job using LinkedIn in 2023 amid layoffs?

Year 2022 has been the year of layoffs. Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Twitter, Shopify, Crypto, and Netflix are just a few who have laid off over 70,000 employees in the last year.

Plus, reports claim that many more companies are planning large-scale layoffs in the coming months.

With layoffs making headlines on social media and the internet, you are forced to assume that there are no job openings in the market. And if you’ve lost your job recently, such news will make you apprehensive and passive about the next job search.


Today, we’ll tell you how to use LinkedIn for job search by actively using the platform in the right way.

Let’s dive in!

Questions to ask before you start a job search


1. Which industry is least affected by layoff?

Tech industry is severely affected by layoffs. But biomedical and consultation industry are still hiring in bulk. So, look out for jobs in such niches.

2. Which department and job roles are open to hiring?

Considering the case of Amazon, most layoffs were focused on devices division and the HR department. So, some job roles and departments are more affected by others.

However, that doesn’t mean that these companies are not hiring. Look for job roles in departments with active recruitment.

3. Which companies are actively recruiting despite layoffs?

Many tech giants like Meta, Coinbase, etc, have laid off several employees, but that doesn’t imply that no one is hiring. In such a scenario, you shouldn’t romanticize the concept of a ‘dream company’.

Don’t chase just one or two specific companies. Rather, search for companies and start-ups who have recently been funded or earned a good profit.

Now comes the key step! How to use LinkedIn for job search?

But why LinkedIn?

Benefits of LinkedIn for job seekers

  • 93% recruiters use LinkedIn to find and hire people
  • LinkedIn enables your colleagues, friends, and connections to endorse you for a skill or write up a recommendation that shows on your profile
  • You can join groups and network with like-minded people in your niche
  • You can use LinkedIn to research and reach out to the desired companies, recruiters, hiring managers, and other influencers.

How to use LinkedIn to find a job?


Update your resume

Your resume is the only way for recruiters to decide whether to shortlist you for an interview.

So, you can’t risk an out-of-date resume, especially amid layoffs. Invest time in updating your resume. Customize your resume for every job role you apply for.

Find the best opportunities on LinkedIn

  • Update your LinkedIn profile. Pay special attention to your LinkedIn headline.
  • Reach out to the hiring managers on LinkedIn and inquire about job openings in their companies.
  • Reach out to employees in target companies and ask for referrals
  • Make use of LinkedIn’s search filters to find job postings seeking your target roles.
  • Get in touch with your alumni network on LinkedIn
  • Reach out to people who have posted on LinkedIn about the need of freelance services
  • Find industry experts on LinkedIn to seek career guidance and mentorship

Therefore, using LinkedIn for job search rounds up to actively reaching out to the recruiters, alumni, and industry experts who can help you land your dream job.

However, this outreach on LinkedIn is laden with challenges!

Challenges to this outreach strategy on LinkedIn

1. Limited time if you are on a work visa

Consider the scenario! You are on work visa in the USA, and you are left with only 3 months before the visa expires. Now, you can’t sit back and just wait for the opportunity to arrive.

2. Spending many work hours on job search

Even if you actively hunt for a job, using LinkedIn for job search will eat much of your work-hours, and may not give you the desired result if you are short on time.

You can speed-up the process with the help of a LinkedIn automation tool like Linkedojet.

Benefits of using Linkedojet for job search

  1. Run automated outreach campaigns to target recruiters, hiring managers, and other decision makers in your target companies.
  2. You can further target members of relevant job groups and inquire about the job openings, overcoming the weekly invite limit on LinkedIn.
  3. Track the responses received from the recruiters on a single dashboard of Linkedojet. This helps you focus on positive ones and ignore the rest.

Results received with Linkedojet outreach campaigns are also outstanding!

Linkedojet KPI for job search

So, don’t sit back and wait for the right opportunity to fall into your lap. Take action now by using LinkedIn for job search.

One more action needed is to book a FREE demo of Linkedojet today and speed up your job-hunting process.

How to find and get your dream job using LinkedIn in 2023 amid layoffs?
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