LinkedIn CRM Integration: How to Integrate your CRM with LinkedIn for Increased Sales

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It would be stupid of me to ask ‘Do you want more sales for your business?’ because who doesn’t.

Besides many other ways to achieve this, LinkedIn CRM integration leads the list, as it helps you better understand your audience and make better decisions to boost your sales.

But, how to do this integration?

Well, that’s what you’ll learn in this post. However, some of you might wonder why you need LinkedIn CRM integration.

So, let’s cover that first!

Why you need LinkedIn integration with CRM?

  • With your growing audience, you need deeper insights about your leads to make better decisions, and LinkedIn CRM integration provides just that.
  • It saves you a lot of work hours in lead capturing as you don’t have to search for information about every lead you communicate with; it’s there in your CRM
  • Keep a track of your relevant leads such as their job change and design your market campaigns accordingly
  • Better and organized reporting – CRM helps you go deeper into the data and metrics of your audience and keep it organized. With LinkedIn and CRM integration, you can see from which campaign most of your leads come from, analyze your connection request acceptance rate, and much more.
  • With such integration, you can note down custom information and comments for each person you connect with on LinkedIn
  • Besides keeping an organized list of your leads (different types) in the CRM, LinkedIn CRM integration helps in creating a secondary point of contact with your leads. You can send them emails directly from CRM in addition to the messages on LinkedIn, which is an added advantage in lead capturing.
  • Helps in managing your LinkedIn Inbox smartly

Now that you are convinced on the importance of LinkedIn integration with CRM, let’s see how to integrate LinkedIn with few popular CRMs.

How to integrate LinkedIn with CRM of your choice?

The best way of LinkedIn and CRM integration is to use the LinkedIn automation software, Linkedojet.

Linkedojet is integrated with various API based data enrichment and CRM tools like Zoho, Hubspot, SugarCRM, and Salesforce. Just enter your API key and you can integrate your CRM tool with Linkedojet dashboard.

Further, you can also enrich your leads by integrating with various 3rd party enrichment APIs like Lusha, Clearbit,, and others.

I can read your mind here!

It wonders, “Why Linkedojet?”

Well, take a look at these benefits to decide:

  • Send connection requests to prospects on LinkedIn Sales Navigator, or Business Plus Profile, automatically saving loads of work hours
  • Auto withdraw of pending connect requests which are older than 3 weeks
  • Find newly added first-degree leads and send them custom welcome message and a series of follow-up messages from a single dashboard
  • Analyze the performance of your LinkedIn outreach campaigns – multiple campaigns from multiple accounts on a single dashboard. Plus, you don’t have to manually compile such data; easily download it from Linkedojet dashboard
  • Filter out the relevant group members to message and overcome the daily invite limit on LinkedIn
  • Filter out leads with open profiles and send them free InMails
  • Upload a list of your target companies and reach out the decision makers with drip campaigns
  • Send and view your messages on LinkedIn from a single dashboard
  • Tag your leads within the dashboard to avoid losing track of them

Final Words

So, LinkedIn CRM integration can do wonders for your lead generation and boost your sales.

And Linkedojet provides the easiest way to integrate by just entering your API key.

Ready to boost your sales with the world’s safest LinkedIn automation tool? Schedule a demo here!

LinkedIn CRM Integration: How to Integrate your CRM with LinkedIn for Increased Sales

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