Boost your Lead Generation Efforts with AI-powered Inbox Management

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Do you know how many messages are received by a person in his LinkedIn Inbox per day?

Well, it’s somewhere between 30-40. This means nearly 200-250 in a week.

But every message in your Inbox doesn’t carry the same value. And Inbox overload leads to overall information overload, impeding your concentration and productivity.

That’s why you need to segregate them based on priority and your business value.

Now, you may think! Dealing with stuffed inboxes is crucial, but dealing with them manually? Is that workable?

Absolutely not!

Then, what’s the solution? That’s what we’ll tell you in this post- Smart Inbox management on LinkedIn. So, stay hooked!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered Inbox Management

AI-powered tools, be it chatbots, smart cameras or machine-guided proofreading, are being increasingly used around the world.

Now, the same AI can be helpful in your LinkedIn Inbox management. Linkedojet has added a new AI feature to its LinkedIn automation.

This AI tool automatically and intelligently categorizes the replies you receive in your LinkedIn Inbox as positive, negative, or neutral. So, it takes away the trouble of dealing with stuffed Inbox and segregating valuable responses manually.

Let’s understand this with an example.

You run an outreach campaign on LinkedIn about your new product targeting the pharmaceutical companies across India. You reach the decision makers of major pharmaceutical companies, persuading them for a free trial of the product.

Now, when you message hundreds of people on LinkedIn (using LinkedIn automation to save time), you will not receive the same message in your Inbox.

Some messages will read “Interested”, some ‘Not interested’ while some just pay regards to your greetings and reply in the same tone. So, how will you segregate these responses and continue with your campaign with only those who show an interest in your previous message?

Linkedojet’s AI feature comes to your rescue. It will detect the type of response received based on few keywords and tag them as positive, negative, and neutral. This way you need not manually segregate your LinkedIn Inbox messages and save lots of time and efforts in replying to them.

Plus, with Linkedojet, you can reply to the positive ones within the tool’s dashboard, keeping all your campaign activities organized.

Linkedojet goes a step ahead to help you in LinkedIn Inbox Management. It allows you to manage multiple LinkedIn accounts from a single dashboard.

That means AI-powered Inbox management of not just one, but multiple LinkedIn accounts; all from a single place.

How does that sound? Great, isn’t it?

So, what’s the bottom line?

Bottom Line

With LinkedIn Inbox getting more and more stuffed per day, AI is the only promising solution to handle the overload. It helps in sorting out the relevant and valuable messages in your LinkedIn Inbox, thus reducing the time spent on reading irrelevant messages.

Therefore, AI-powered LinkedIn Inbox management definitely is a smart way to focus your attention on important messages and minimize harmful effects on your concentration and productivity.

Boost your Lead Generation Efforts with AI-powered Inbox Management

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