How to overcome LinkedIn Weekly Invitation Limit in 2023?

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Ouch! This message from LinkedIn hurts.


LinkedIn weekly invitation limit of 200 invites seems too little, especially if LinkedIn is your primary source of lead generation. And the LinkedIn connection limit remains the same even if you use a premium subscription of the platform.

To worsen the situation, you can’t upload a list of email IDs for sending connect invites on LinkedIn anymore.



Target Group Members on LinkedIn using Sales Navigator

But why only Sales Navigator and not the regular LinkedIn account?

Let’s discuss this below!

How to Bypass LinkedIn Connection Limit?

We’ve discussed how to use LinkedIn Groups for B2B marketing, wherein you can message 30-40 group members daily besides the regular connect invites on LinkedIn.

These messages are like free InMails as you can write long messages beyond 300 characters (the limit of connect invite message). Thus, you can reach out to 150-180 group members per week and augment your lead generation efforts.

However, targeting group members on LinkedIn comes with a challenge.

On a regular LinkedIn account, you can filter out the group members ONLY by their job title, as it’s the only set of details displayed for the group members.


This means, if you wish to filter out and target group members based on a particular location, seniority level, company size, etc, it isn’t possible with a regular LinkedIn account.

Rest your worries! Linkedojet has found a perfect solution to overcome this limitation for Sales Navigator subscription users.

How to Target LinkedIn Group Members using Linkedojet and Sales Navigator?

  • Choose a group on LinkedIn, which you are a member of
  • Enter the name of that group in your Sales Navigator search panel
  • Enter other search parameters like location, seniority level, job titles, company size, relationship as 2nd / 3rd degree

Now you have all the relevant people within a group whom you wish to target. Leave the rest on Linkedojet now.

Benefits of Linkedojet automation

a. Linkedojet can scrap details of these selected group members.

b. It will automate searching of these group members by their names on the group page

  • It will automate sending them a message

What are the results to expect with this tactic?

With this new method to overcome LinkedIn weekly invitation limit, you can generate an extra 20-45 warm leads per month on top of the ‘Connect Invite’ drip campaign automation.


So, what are you waiting for?

Sign up for a Sales Navigator account on LinkedIn and schedule a demo of Linkedojet with us here.

How to overcome LinkedIn Weekly Invitation Limit in 2023?

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