How to Find High-Quality Candidates on LinkedIn Without LinkedIn Recruiter

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Think about hiring and you think LinkedIn!

The reason is obvious! Being the largest professional network on the Internet, recruiters can get access to job listings, and network and communicate with the candidates to find the right talent.

Here are the benefits of using LinkedIn for recruitment:

  • Opportunity to reach out to the passive candidates
  • Skill endorsements of the candidate and recommendations from his network to know the candidate’s worth
  • Ability to conduct reference checks

However, to find candidates on LinkedIn (right ones), you must invest in an expensive tool, LinkedIn Recruiter.

That’s not ideal for smaller companies and if you don’t hire often. Plus, the tool doesn’t have filters for diversity hiring and see similar resumes.

So, if you are seeking an alternative to LinkedIn Recruiter, this post is for you.

Let’s see what’s the cost-effective and more suitable option to find candidates on LinkedIn.

How to Find Candidates on LinkedIn without LinkedIn Recruiter?

Linkedojet is your ticket to do it! Not just a LinkedIn automation tool, but Linkedojet is a complete lead generation tool that helps you find and reach out to the candidates on LinkedIn with ease.

To justify my solution, here are the key highlights of the tool!

  1. You can run automated outreach campaigns to target your desired candidates by simply uploading their LinkedIn profiles. You can upload a CSV file of your desired candidates list, and set up an automated campaign to send them connect invites. Once they connect, you can send them messages about the job openings, enquire about their interests, and communicate further through automated follow-up messages. You'll further be notified on Linkedojet dashboard when any candidate shows interest in your job opening. Let me explain the process with a simple flow-chart!

2. With Linkedojet, you can run these outreach campaigns from multiple LinkedIn accounts and manage them all from a single dashboard.

3. Linkedojet dashboard has been designed in a way when any candidate responds to your message it analyzes the sentiment of the response and sends you a notification. It further helps you categorize the responses from the candidates and focus only on those who have shown interest in the job openings.

4. It also allows you to tag the candidates and keep a track of their status.

5. You can further target candidates who are members of relevant LinkedIn groups and message them about the job positions. This helps you overcome the weekly invite limit on LinkedIn and keeps your leads pipeline stocked.

If these features don’t excite you to switch from LinkedIn Recruiter to Linkedojet, these KPIs may!

Linkedojet prides in delivering 30-40% acceptance rate, 5-15% reply rate, and 4-10% positive reply rate from your prospective candidates.


Yet another hitch with LinkedIn Recruiter is its inefficient customer support system.

But, with Linkedojet’s premium support team, you get access to the best practices for finding the right candidate for your job position and gauge their interest to respond.

So, what are you waiting for? Book a call with us for a FREE demo of how Linkedojet can help you find high-quality candidates on LinkedIn.

How to Find High-Quality Candidates on LinkedIn Without LinkedIn Recruiter

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