LinkedIn Hacks

Best Practices on Appointment Setting From LinkedIn

Are you struggling to set appointments with potential clients or partners? Are you tired of cold calling without any success? Look no further than LinkedIn for your appointment setting needs! With over 700 million users, LinkedIn is the ultimate platform to connect and engage with professionals in your industry. And with the help of Linkedojet’s […]

How to Drive Attention with your Best LinkedIn Headlines (4 Tips) in 2022

Think of the time when you last clicked on a person’s profile on LinkedIn! What prompted you to click? Of course you weren’t attracted by their photo! Think deeply! It was their headline on LinkedIn that forced you to check out their full profile. Now, you don’t need any other proof for the importance of […]

How to Connect on LinkedIn with C-level Executives in the Right Way?

Digital world offers many opportunities for you to connect with C-level executives – emails, cold calls, referrals, etc., but LinkedIn tops the chart. Over 45% of LinkedIn users are C-level decision-makers. And they are not there to find BuzzFeed quizzes or wedding photos or memes but to do business. They look for content that can […]

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